No. 1 /I.Q.A.C/13

I.Q.A.C Dated 15.01.13

Agenda of Meeting of I.Q.A.Cdated 15.01.13

    1. Evaluation of the performance of the students is a regular part of the teaching and for this process the college adopts a pattern of conduction of unit tests and internal exams. The first agenda of the meeting is to frame a strategy for the proper conduction of the Pre Final Exams.

    2. Research is an indispensable part of academic advancement .The second agenda of the meeting is to motivate the teachers to take more and more research projects.

    3. Agenda three is about motivating and encouraging teachers to make more proposals for the organisation of National Seminars and Workshops to facilitate better interaction with the teaching fraternity and to know about the latest updates of the subjects.

    4. Agenda four is about adoption of modern techniques of teaching in addition to traditional chalk and talk method.

    5. Agenda five is to motivate the teachers to increase their academic qualifications.

    6. Agenda six is about starting of Three post graduate courses (Home science, Mathematics, & Political Science).

    7. Agenda seven is regarding conduction of Comprehensive viva of 4 th semester students of Economics.

    8. Agenda seven is to discuss measures to ensure the proficiency of students in English.

    9. Other issues with the permission of the chairman of I.Q.A.C cell.

Dr. Vinod Joshi