No. 71/I.Q.A.C/14

I.Q.A.C Dated 25.06.14

Dr. Radhabai Govt. NavinKanyaMahavidhyalaya,Mathpara,Raipur Agenda regarding Meeting of I.Q.A.C dated 25.06.14

    1. Organisation of National seminar in Political Science and organisation of National Workshop in English Language.

    2. Proposal for organising Annual Cultural, Literary and Sports activities and special campof N.S.S.

    3. Organisation of Alumni meet and Fete.

    4. Conduction of Banking and insurance sector entrance exam coaching for UG/PG students.

    5. Organisation of special camp of N.S.S.

    6. Conduction of N.C.C. camp and activities as per their schedule.

    7. Conduction of vocational classes.

    8. To increase collaboration with industries and other organisations.

    9. Other issues with the permission of chairman of the I.Q.A.C.

Dr. PreetaLall