Minutes of Meetings

Minutes of Meetings of I.Q.A.C.

Date 07.01.14

Minutes of the Meeting

    1. The college shifted to the new building and so firstly the safety of girls being very important the construction of boundary wall is very important. The construction of the boundary wall will be done as soon as possible . Work to commence in the middle of January.
    2. Environmental conservation being a prime responsibility of every individual and institutions, five roof water harvesting plants are proposeded in the new building. Works will be completed by the month end of January.
    3. Regarding agenda 3, a garden is proposed in the college premises Monnet Ispat Pvt. Ltd. will be approached to develop the garden in the college campus under the C.S.R.
    4. Wi-Fi internet connectivity is proposed for the campus so that the teacher and students can update their knowledge through internet and also use I.C.T. for better teaching and learning.
    5. Regarding agenda 5 , it was decided that the pre final examination is to be conducted in a systematic way Jan-Feb 2014. Exam will be taken as per theTime Table and Time slots. Exam result will be declared within a week after exam conduction. Extra coaching will be given to students who did not fare well in the exams.
    6. Regarding agenda 6 , about equipping the sports department with gadgets for physical fitness, the members were intimated that a 10 Station Gym has been set up in the sports department. The access to the gym is free to the students while a nominal fee of Rs. 50 is charged from office employees, Rs. 100 from teachers and officers and Rs. 500 per month for outsiders as maintenance charges.
    7. Regarding agenda 7 ,Research zone is established in the library. The digitalization of the liberary is started by the Library Manager software to improve the efficiency and accessibility of library facilities.
    8. Regarding agenda 8 ,it is decided that classes of PGDCA and B.com will start from the next session on self financing basis.
    9. Regarding agenda 9, Vocational classes of Handwriting, Calligraphy, Spoken English,Mehandi,Stiching and Embroidery classes will start for the students and also for the local community.
    10. The members were informed that the S.S.R. for NAAC will be sent soon.
    11. Regarding agenda 11 ,it is decided that coaching camps for various sports like Badminton, T.T., Volleyball, Kho-Kho etc will be organized from next session. The meeting concluded with a formal vote of thanks by Dr. V.K. Joshi.

Date 25.06.14

Minutes of the Meeting

    1. A National Seminar in Political Science and a National Workshop in English is sanctioned by the U.G.C. The events will be organized in the month of August 2014.
    2. With regard to agenda two ,it is decided that the Cultural , Literacy and Sports activities will be organized as per the schedule. The Literary and Cultural activities will be organized on Saturday and Tuesday and the final gatherng of the college will be organized in the month of November 2014.
    3. Regarding agenda third,it is decided that a Fete will be organized in the college by the Alumini Association. The Alumini Association of the college shall be registered under the name ‘‘Svyamsidha Alumini Association’’ and the process will be started soon..The Fete will be organized in the college before Diwali holidays and the profit generated shall be used for the development of the college.
    4. Regarding agenda fourth, it is to be noted that Bbanking and Insurance coaching classes were organized in the college in the month of January(From Jan14 th )  A total of 25 students registered in the class and a fee of Rs. 100 was charged per student. The classes extended to about a period of one month and 1 batch was coached.
    5. Regarding agenda five, it is decided that the activities of N.S.S. will be conducted regularly on Tuesdays from 3.00 pm from the next session . the special camp of N.S.S. will be organized in the Dusshera- Diwali holidays.
    6. Regarding agenda sixth, it is decided that the N.C.C. cadets will be motivated to participate in the training campus organized. It is note worthy here that the N.C.C. Caretaker Smt. Nisha Divya successfully completed her three day training programme from 9-11 may 2014. She has also attended conference of Caretaker Training on 02.06.14.
    7. Mehandi and Stiching classes, Spoken English classes and Calligraphy classes in Hindi and English were organized by the college.
    8. M.O.U. were signed with CG Sanskritik Vikas parishad on10.12.13 and C.G. COST on 20.05.14.
    9. The Member were important that SSR has been sent to NAAC. The Members were also informed that Curriculum Enrichment for all classes will be done from next session. The meeting concluded with a formal vote of thanks given by Dr. Anita Sarin.

Date 04.12.14

Minutes of the Meeting

      The following points were brought into the light of the Members :-
      1.The Alumini Association of the institution got registred under the name “Swayam Sidha Alumini Association” on 29.09.14.
      2 Anand mela was organized by the Alumini of the college on 18.10.14. A total fund of 12000.00 was generated by it which will be used for the development of the college.
      3. College canteen by the name of “Swayam Sidha” was also inaugurated ,which serves delicious snacks. 
      1. Regarding agenda 1 about the I.Q.A.C. cell, it is decided that a room will be constructed for the I.Q.A.C.by the P.W.D.
      2. Regarding agenda two, the members are informed that to ensure better performance, co-operation and development in various areas , the following M.O.U’s have been signed :
      With NACDOR ( National Confidential of Dalit Organization) on 25.11.14, With Kalinga University on 4.12.14, M.O.U. with Bhartiya Jain Sangathan is on progress and will be signed soon. In addition a consent letter has been obtained from ward member regarding the use of sports ground by the college students.
      3. Regarding agenda three, it is decided that pre final examinations are to be conducted in the month of Jan-Feb 2015. 
      4. Regarding agenda four ,the member are informed that training of various sports has been successfully conducted in the past few months. Training campus of Shatranj,Badminton, Table tennis, Volley ball, Kabbadi, Kho-Kho etc have been completed. 
      5. Regarding agenda five the members are informed that the college has wi-fi connectivity with six access point at different place. Regarding internet connectivity of computer lab ,it will be achieved by the end of month of December.
      6. With context of agenda six, the member are informed that an Entrepreneurship awareness camp was organized by CITCON between 11-13th Nov 2014 in which 75 students participated. 
      7. Regarding Conduction of vocational classes,Canning and Food Preservation classes will be held from 2.1.15 - 8.1.15 in which the girls and local community members will participate. 
      8. Regarding agenda eight the members are informed that the annual gathering of the college was conducted on 28 and 29th Nov. 2014. Array of literary, cultural and sports activites were conducted in the college for the overall development of the personality of the students. The winners of the various competitions were rewarded with prizes , certificates and shields. 
      9. Regarding agenda nine the member are informed that a state level workshop on nutrition was conducted on 25.11.14 in joint collaboration with NACDOR( National Confederation of Dalit Organisation). 
      10. The member are informed that the website of the college needs to be maintained and updated regularly hence A.M.C. will be signed.
      11. The member are also informed that the college in anticipating the arrival of NAAC peer team in the month of Feb-March 2015 hence various sub committees of the I.Q.A.C are formed and are functioning for the conduction of various tasks. 
      12. The members are informed that National Seminar on “Badalte Paridrishay mein Rajnitik Jarukta” was organized on 12.8.14 by Political Sc. Dept. of the college and a National Workshop on “ English in the air and everywhere ” was organized by the English department on 13.8.14. 
      13. Regarding agenda thirteen members were informed that the Caretaker of N.C.C Mrs. Nisha Divya attented a conference of Caretakers on 3.7.14 The girls of N.C.C also attended 6 N.C.C Camps. The special camp of N.S.S was organized in village Tekari between 6-12th October 2014. “Swachta Abhiyaan”-Movement initiated by the P.M honorable Mr. Narendra Modi was very enthusiastically followed and implemented by the N.C.C. and N.S.S units of the college. The members were also told that a botanical garden is proposed to be developed in the campus.The college family members will donate medicinal plants according to their wish.