Minutes of Meetings

Minutes of Meetings of I.Q.A.C.

Date 22.04.15

Minutes of the Meeting

    1. The result of M.Sc. mathematics was not to the mark on account the marks in subject Topology.Request was also made to the university regarding looking into the matter about revaluation of the copies but that too yielded the result that there was no change in marks. In the light of this problem it was decided that guest lecturers be organized for the subject Topology and discrete Mathematics and Fuzzy papers. The languages of the students need to be approved upon , and for this frequent tests need to be taken at the completion of each unit. Similar analysis will be done after the declaration of result of any class and corrective measures will be taken.
    2. After the college reopens after the summer vacations on 16th June, the list of different committees will be given to the respective coordinators and members . The Coordinators will collect their registers from I.Q.A.C. and maintain a record of all the activities of the same.
    3. Office automation is a priority for the institution and this will be done from I.Q.A.C. seed money.
    4. Library automation also has to be done as a priority measure. For this a standard software will be used.
    5. Regular classes will be conducted for Computer Literacy in the college for the students from the next session. In case it is required, Annual contract will be done in this regard with an authorized agency/organization.Interested students shall pay the fees for the course and the desired space shall be provided for this purpose.

Date 19.06.15

Minutes of the Meeting

    1. Regarding Agenda one about increasing the number of admissions in the different classes, the different admission committees were instructed to be prompt and vigilant in admissions. Admission in B.com IInd year started from this year with a quota of 60seats.
    2. Regarding Submission of research projects, a total of 4 projects were submitted to U.G.C. and C.G. COST . Dr. Rupa Salhotra, Dr. Manisha Sharma,Dr. Vinod Kumar Joshi & Dr.dharmendra Yadav applied for the research projects.
    3. Project proposals of Dr.Aruna Palta, Dr. Nanda Guruvara, Dr. Gauri Agrawal, Dr. Preeta Lall, Mrs. Chanchal Chaturvedi and Mrs. Nisha Divya were approved by the U.G.C. in Home Science Department. Hindi,Ecomomics,Botany and Mathametics Dept.
    4. Regarding agenda three a total of 43 committes were formed for the conduction of various activites in the college.Student nominees were also added in many committees to ensure student participation in the activites.
    5. Regarding agenda four, there incharge teacher were instructed to motivate the student to participate in the various activites the teachers incharge were also instructed to keep a record of the various activites.
    6. Regarding agenda five, the members of the I.Q.A.C. were informed that three National Seminars/Workshop have been approved by the U.G.C. in the department of Physics, Botany, Chemistry and Home science.
    7. National seminars on “Recent Trends of Research in Material Science’ will be organized on 06.8.15, National Seminar on “Conservation of Plant Diversity- Global issues” will be organized on 7.8.15 and National Workshop on “Food Pesticides and consequent Health hazards” will be organized on 8.8.15.
    8. Regarding agenda six, it was decided that many students who are unable to pay their fees leading to a dropout on will be given loan from Sadbhavana Kosh which can be returned by them in easy installments . Keeping in mind the week students, the time table of the session 2015-16 will have remedial classes for all subjects.
    9. Regarding agenda seven, the teachers were instructed to make more and more use of I.C.T. for effiecient and impressive teaching
    10. Regaring agenda Eight,it was decided that two water coolers installed in the college ,should be cleaned and serviced regularly. The date of service was to be indicated in the cooler to ensure that the cooler are serviced in the proper time.
    11. Regarding agenda Nine about office automation and development of smart class rooms ,proposal has been submitted to the concerning authorities and their sanction and approval with funds is awaited.
    12. The meeting concluded with a formal vote of thanks given by Dr. Rupa Salhotra.

Date 04/12/15

Minutes of the Meeting

    1. Regarding agenda one the members were informed that three national seminars/workshops have been organized by the college in the month of August by Physics Dept, Botany Dept, Chemistry Dept and Dept of H.sc. 5 research projects in(M.R.P.) are in progress and Ph.d. Degree has been awarded 6 candidates under the guideship of faculty of college.
    2. Regarding agenda two the members were informed that 4 desktops , 1 laser printer, 4 UPS and a blank cd packworth Rs. 1,86,691=00 was purchased from the grant received by dept of higher education.
    3. It was suggested by the member that software for office automation to be purchased .Since quality in education is a multidimensional term, emphasis should specially be made an automation of library by using appropriate software like soul.
    4. Members also suggested the use of P.C. dongle with L.E.D. installed in different department for teaching purposes. The members were informed that a podium worth Rs. 35,000.00 has been purchased under the U.G.C. grant for use in the multi purpose hall functioning as smart class room right now.
    5. Regarding motivation of student to participate in various activites of the college. The external member Dr. Geeta Tiwari suggested the best practice of organizing general knowledge tests for the students to prepare them for competitive exams.Through continous and systematic monitoring ,the students performing better than the rest are to rewarded, Mr. Kamlesh jain volunteered sponsoring the cash rewards for the winner. This practice was unanimously agreed to be implemented from next session and a seperate committee will be formed for its conduction. The member were informed that many students have represented college at National, University and Zone Level competitions in sports, N.C.C. and N.S.S. and cultural activities.
    6. Regarding agenda five, two workshops were proposed by dept of Mathematics, one in Metlab software and second in Latex language for M.Sc. Mathematics students in the month of January. These workshops will be funded by charging a nominal fees from the students.Workshops will be of a week duration and subject experts will be invited for it.
    7. Regarding agenda six the members were informed that annual gathering of the college is proposed for 18th and 19th Jan 2016. These dates are decided so that the semester classes (P.G.) students can also participate in the various competitions.
    8. For the continuous monitoring of students, a pattern of test exams is followed in the institution. Third monthly, Six monthly and Pre-Final exam along with class tests are taken to continuously evaluate the performance of the students.
    9. Development of a cycle stand is proposed in the college and for this the C.S.R. fund of C.C.I. has been approached. Since most of the girls use cycle hence cycle stand is a prime necessity for the college.
    10. The members also suggested that U.G.C. should be pursued continuously for granting of fund for remedial classes so that the weak students can be helped in their academic performance .Academic audit also suggested for quality enhancement. Use a smart boards in the class was also suggested. The teachers should apply for more projects under DBT,DST,ICMR etc. Surprise tests should be taken so as to judge the actual grasping of the student.
    11. The meeting concluded with a formal vote of thanks given by Dr. Nanda Gurwara.