Minutes of Meetings

Minutes of Meetings of I.Q.A.C.

Date 22.6.17

Minutes of the Meeting

    1. Regarding Agenda 1 it was decided that the admission process to all classes at graduation level will be online. Admission to second and third year will be offline. The students will be allocated subjects according to their choice.
    2.Teachers were Instructed to keep a record of the results of the students.
    3.With a view of overall development of the students,Subject Councils to be formed at various levels.
    4. Yoga will be conducted everyday in the assembly  and Every Saturday extracurricular activities to be organised like Cultural,Literary,Sports,Career Guidance etc.
    5.Regarding Agenda 5 it was decided that the Final year students of all faculties to be motivated to register for MYSY so that they can get employment.
    6.The task of  development of Dynamic Website and  Updation of Website was given to Prof S.K Dubey and he was instructed to complete the task as soon as possible.
    7. Regarding Agenda 7, the teachers were instructed to take Third,Six monthl and  Pre final exams and also  unit tests for continous evaluation of the students.
    8.Regarding Agenda 8, it was decided that the furniture required for the newly built 8 rooms from RUSA Fund will be purchased soon.
    9.The students should be motivated for Curriculum enrichment and beyond syllabus activity.
    10. Dr. Usha Kiran Agrawal, Professsor,Govt. D.B.P.G Girls Autonomous college was nominated as the External member of IQAC in place of Dr. Geeta Tiwari.
    11. Career guidance and  English coaching classes to be conducted regularly for the overall development of personality of students.
    12.General Knowledge tests to be conducted regularly and updated on the website.AQAR to be filled timely and uploaded on the website in July.
    An Inter Collegiate Debate Competition to be organized by the Literary Committee.
    The meeting concluded with a formal vote of thankx by Dr. Rupa Salhotra.

Date 22.11.17

Minutes of Meeting

    1. Regarding Feedback forms it was decided that Feedback Forms to be simplified into Yes /No Ans Basis.
    2.An Alumini Meet to be organized at least once a year.
    3. Regarding Agenda 3 it was decided that a committee be formed for the publication of IQAC Newsletter. Dr. Shikha Behra,Mr C.L Sahu were given the responsibility in collaboration with the IQAC.
    4.A committee was formed to assess the working of Sole Software for Library Automation used by other colleges. Dr Dharmendra Yadav,Dr V.K Joshi,Dr Preeta Lall and Prof S.K Dubey were given this responsibility.
    5.Prefinal Exams to be conducted in the month of January.
    6.The Teachers will be motivated to write Research Papers, take Projects and organize Seminars and Workshops.
    7.Coaching of Mathematical Aptitude,Reasoning and English Aptitude be organized for the students so that they can perform well in MYSY and Competitive Exams.
    8.Academic Audit to be conducted for the Departments.
    The meeting concluded with a formal vote of thankx by Dr Rupa Salhotra,

Date 10.4.18

Minutes of the Meeting

    1. Regarding Agenda 1 ,different Professors were given Charge of collection of matter along with their Committee and instructed to give the information in hard as well as soft copy no later by 27.4.18 so that the matter could be checked and compiled by IQAC Committee.
    2. Regarding Agenda 2 it was decided that the P.G Classes courses to be completed upto Mid April so that revision and doubt solving can be done before the exams.
    3.Academic Audit has to done like every year hence the depatments were given the format of information and asked to give the information in hard as well as soft copy by 27.4.18.
    4. Echoe of Sound was a big problem in the newly built auditorium, hence a proposal of Acoustics was received from P.W.D worth 34.98 Lakhs.
    The meeting concluded with a formal vote of thanks by Dr. Rupa Salhotra.