No. 41/I.Q.A.C/14

I.Q.A.C Dated 07.01.14

Dr. Radhabai Govt. NavinKanyaMahavidhyalaya,Mathpara,Raipur Agenda regarding Meeting of I.Q.A.C dated 07.01.14

    1. Since ours is a girls’ institution hence construction of the boundary wall of the college is very important from the point of view of the safety of girls.

    2. Roof water harvesting plant is proposed to be set up in the new college building with a view of water conservation.

    3. Development of garden in the college premises for its beautification and environmental conservation.

    4. Proposal for Wi-Fi internet connectivity in the new campus.

    5. Conduction of Pre. Final examinations.

    6. The Sports department of the new college building needs to be equipped with gadgets for physical fitness of the players and students of the college.

    7. The College library needs enhancement in the research facilities.

    8. Proposal of commencement of post graduate Diploma in Computer Application and B.Com. classes from next academic session (2014-15).

    9. Proposal of vocational classes for the students and organisation

    of summer camp by the Home science department.

    10. Regarding the progress of NAAC and status of SSR.

    11. Coaching camp for table tennis national championship to be organised by the sports department.

    12. Other issues with the permission of the chairman of the I.Q.A.C.

Dr. PreetaLall