Minutes of Meetings

Minutes of Meetings of I.Q.A.C.

Date 25.02.16

Minutes of the Meeting

    1. Regarding agenda one, eight minor research project were sanctioned to the college funded by U.G.C. and C.G. COST.The faculty had 13 International publications, 5 National publication in Peer viewed journals.4 Ph.d’s were awarded under the 4 research guides of the college.
    2. Regarding agenda two ,pre final exams were decided to be taken in the month of Feburary, Regular unit tests ,Third and Six Monthly exams were taken and marks entered in the internal Assessment Register.
    3. Regarding agenda three ,under the annual gathering of the college various literary, cultural and sports activities were conducted for overall personality development of the students.
    4. Regarding agenda four about the wifi connectivity of the college ,one access point which was not working properly was changed.
    5. Regarding agenda five, total 3 general knowledge tests were taken in the session. The purpose of this test is to update the knowledge of students and to prepare them for the competitive world.
    6. Construction of cycle stands was sanctioned by the Govt. of Chhattisgarh.
    7. The meeting concluded with a formal vote of thanks by Dr Rupa Salhotra.

Date 12.05.2016

Minutes of the Meeting

    01. All the teachers should maintain records for total no. of forms received against number of seats allotted for each class to calculate the  demand ratio .for u.g for as well as p.g. classes record should be maitened in the specific format supplied by i.q.a.c. there will be register for this purpose with separate pages allotted to different classes.


    02. Regarding agenda two it was decided that teacher responsible for admission should also maintain a record of result of  student of that class  on the basis of  total no. of students appeared and total passed. This record should be maintained according to i , ii and iii rd division and student   getting distinction / Alternatively student getting marks greater than 75%, 60% .i and ii  division.Result of individual subject should also  be maintained

    The format for this record  should be given by the i.q.a.c..


    03 It  was decided that the best  practice committee shall ensure the sustenance of the old best  practices  and ensure the introduction of new best practices for the college.Newspaper,Energy Monitors should be continued.I card should be given to the office bearers.


    04 Regarding agenda four it was decadal that the teachers a the p.6 cleaner to at as guarding of this student and  the 4.6 student distributed under the teacher for this  drupe the detailed information’s to be will abhor the student and at least 2 meetings taken in the year with the pureness of student


    05 Teacher in charge of  different commit  then to give report of the a activity in  brie immediately  the completion of the a activity with photograph in of copy the website uploading


    06. A commit flee  fumed  for the maintenanse on recardo on scholarship imparted to is teachers of mainitenstion record tiod of student in gething scholrships.


    07.  Regarding agenda  seven a trainning programm for lab technicion/allendent to be  organi for  practical  subject physics chemistry btoany zoology and home seience the h.o.d to brien then abuut  the  dso and dont  pertainning to subject informaition recording  the basic  applicad to all the  techni and atiendis


    08 Feedback should be teken form the  student caj lenst  15-20 in each clanl. A simpk cpmmon form with close ended question  to be desigend by i>q>a>c application  techer for the same .


    09 Teacher to be motivated to more research  projenda and orgaise seninara workshopa in their subject . The members to be supplied with the story  hard copy of form of the  same if required . The member were also infomed  that a national workshop has been santion to the yogogy  dept which  shell be orgoniset in the month of auguot


    10 Each department to conduct at  least one beyond syllabus activity like  field vision excursions.


    11 Teacher also maintain the resent of the category of student in these subject


    12.  Four sub comm. Then to be  formed for college prqilc and infrastrudure dr. Dharmendra yadav dr. Manisha sharma and dr. Preeti srivatava and student supprt and progrenion commithee dr. Deepti  jha  , chanchal  choturvedi nisha divya 3 feedback committed- dr. Vk joshi dr. Gouri agrawal and dr. Nanda gurwara 4 scholorship dr. Anita saria  dr. Rupa  salhotra 5 website updation and haintince commotte dr. Preeti  last hs  abhilasha srivastva hr. Vaibhav ingle  


    13 All the  information  should be  given in had  as well as soft copy commit then maintain their register.