Workshop on Career Guidance and Counselling (07.12.15)

On 07.12.15 a workshop on career Guidance and Counselling was organized. Engineer B.N. Rao was the first speaker of the workshop. He motivated the students to be aware of the events happening around them. Determination of the goal is the first step of attaining success.Students should set their goals in accordance with their aptitudes after Self Analysis.Besides I.Q( Intelligence Quotient) E.Q (Emotional Quotient) ,A.Q( Attitude Quotient), C.Q (Creative Quotient )and S.Q ( Soul Quotient) are also very important.He discussed about the various career options after graduation and post graduation and also distributed pamphlets pertaining to them.

Dr. Rupa Salhotra, Professor Mathematics, gave detailed information about different exams conducted by VYAPAM.

Dr. Preeta Lall, Professsor Economics and RUSA Incharge gave guidance to the students about preparing for various competitive exams.

Technical Expert Mr Udbhav Joshi-M. Tech From Rourkee gave information about various career options in the field of Information Technology.

192 students participated in the workshop.

Workshop on Road map of Higher Education (08.12.15)

A Workshop on Road map of Higher Education was organised on 08.12.15. Dr. Geeta Tiwari-former Additional Director-Dept. of Higher Education,Govt. of Chhattisgarh, was the chief speaker of the workshop.She talked about adopting a long term plan of overall development of the institution.

Dr. Aruna palta ,Principal of the college , elaborated on the Best practices Benchmarking in Higher Education. She substantiated her address by giving examples of best practices adopted in the college like Recycling of waste paper, playing of patriotic songs in the recess,Monetary Motivation for bright students in form of Pratibha Protsahan Puraskars,College Family club etc.All the faculty members participated in the workshop.

Workshop on Quality Enhancement in Higher Education and Baseline Data Collection (09.12.15)

A workshop was organized on 09.12.15 on improvement in quality of education & Baseline Data Collection, In which Dr. Aruna Palta, the Principal of Dr. Radhabai Govt. Navin kanya Mahavidyalya , the teachers & office staff were present. Dr. Geeta Tiwari - former Additional Director-Dept. of Higher Education,Govt. of Chhattisgarh, was the chief speaker of the workshop. She elaborated on the various innovative practices adopted in the field of education pertaining to the different criterias adopted by NAAC. She also emphasized the need of giving a token money to the professors to motivate them for doing research. She further added that automation of library should be given priority.Special Training camp for different sports should be arranged & outside agencies should be invited for the training & capacity development of the teachers & staff. The alumni association of the institution can play a lead role in the skill development programme of the institution.

The Dr. Aruna palta ,Principal of the college as the second speaker of the Workshop, stressed on the need of Time Management. She said that the present is an era of competition and the students have to give their best in order to succeed . For this ,the need to follow a systematic time table based on time management, planning & practice is the prime requirement.

In the session after lunch , the teachers and the staff of the college were given training for Data collection. There was a division of responsibilities and they were instructed to collect the Baseline data pertaining to the college in the prescribed format in the specified time limit.

Workshop on Personality Development and Communication Skills (16.12.15 )

A Workshop on Personality Development and Communication skills was organised in the college on 16.12.15. Members of JCI Club -President Mrs Sumitra Yadav and two other members were present on the occassion. The students were told about the finer points of grooming of the Personality in a very interesting way of presentation in groups.

Dr. Kavita Agrawal- the Trainner, told the students about the styles of communication and how to understand the body language. She stressed on the need of inculcating the habit of reading good books to attain knowledge, which gives confidence to the speaker. Practice is also very important in the initial stages of public speaking.The students were then given interesting topics to speak.

91 Students participated in this workshop.

Seminar on CASH (Committee against Sexual Harassment) and C.B.C.S (Choice based credit system ) - (0

Women need to be aware of the legal rights conferred on them against sexual harassment and at the same time they should take necessary precautions to avoid becoming victims of such haressments.Advocate Shamim Rehman expressed these views in 1 day seminar on CASH and CBCS. She also talked about various Legislations in this context.Dr. Aruna Palta ,Principal talked about gender discrimination and various points of safety that the girls should keep in mind when they go out .

Dr. Vinod Kumar Joshi, Professor Economics talked about Choice based credit system in detail , elaborating on its justification in present scenario.

165 students, teachers and the office staff was present in the seminar.

Two day Workshops on Capacity building and Trainning (08.1.16 and 9.1.16)

Two day workshops on capacity building and training were organised in the institution on 8.1.16 and 9.1.16.On the first day Mrs Kanchan Chouhan demonstrated the process of baking . She taught the participants how to make Naan khatai and various types of Biscuits.The participants were divided into groups and each group was given a different item to make.The participants thus got practical expertise in addition to theoretical knowledge of Baking.

Young Entrepreneur Mrs. Shilpa Jain ,taught the girls how to make jewellery of beautiful designs using stones and satin threads.

On the second day the participants were taught to make different flavours of icecreams.

Mrs. Shilpa Jain gave Demonstrations to the students about Beauty Culture and stiching.

52 students participated in the workshops.

Career Guidance Workshop For Post Graduate Students (21.01.16)

A special workshop was organised for post graduate classes in the month of January.Eng. B.N Rao and Mr J.P. Saboo were the speakers of the workshop. Both of them emphasized on the need of goal setting and self evaluation for choice of a career. Incorporation of moral values is equally important in life , to become a good individual , besides being successful.

About 46 students participated in the workshop.

Field Visits

With a target to increase the Gross Enrolement Rate of the college, RUSA Incharge Dr. Preeta Lall, along with other teachers visited schools like Govt. Dani Kanya Shalla. P.G.Umathe Higher Secondary School, Shantinagar,Saraswati Ucchatar Madhyamik Kanya Shaala, Salem Girls School, Mayaram Surjan Govt. Higher Secondary School etc. The students of these schools were given detailed information about the college and facilities offered, innovative practices,Academic and other achievements etc through Presentations and interactive sessions.The girls were motivated to choose the institution for a better future.

The Data pertaining to the institution was collected within the specified time, tabulated and presented in a systematic manner ,giving a bird’s eyeview of the institution.

Dr. Preeta Lall

Dr. Aruna Palta

Prof. Incharge-RUSA


RUSA-Institutional Development Plan