Research Project

S.N. Department Heading P.I. Status Sponsored
1 Home Science Utility of Mid Day Meal Programme and Scope for Improvement. Dr. Abhya Joglekar Completed CG Cost
2 Home Science Analysis of Prevalence of Sickle Cell Anaemia among Gond Tribe Sports Person of Chhattisgarh. Dr. Abhya Joglekar Completed UGC
3 Economics Economics of Milk Production & Distribution of income of Tribal Milk Producers in Chhattisgarh . Dr. Vinod Kumar Joshi Completed UGC
4 Economics Natural Resource Accounting for forest Resources in Chhattisgarh State Dr. Vinod Kumar Joshi Completed UGC
5 Home Science A Study of Street food Vendors of Raipur City with reference to hygiene and environmental production. Dr. Abhya Joglekar Completed UGC
6 Home Science An Awareness creation programme for women on functional foods. Sponsored by UGC Dr. Aruna Palta Completed UGC
7 Political Science म्हिला सशक्तीकरण एवं स्वसहायता समूह का अध्ययन राजनांदगांव के संदर्भ में Dr. Manisha Sharma Completed UGC
8 Economics National Parks & Sancturies of Chhattisgarh State – An Economic Valuation. Dr. Preeta Lall Completed UGC
9 Home Science Anaemia & Cardiovasular efficiency among young adult women in urban Slums. Dr. Nanda Gurwara Completed UGC
10 Economics Consumers Purchasing Pattern on the household durable products Dr. Vinod Kumar Joshi Ongoing UGC
11 Economics Valuation of use and Non-use value of Ecosystem Biodiversity in Barnowapara Sanctury of Chhattisgarh Dr. Vinod Kumar Joshi Completed CG Cost
12 Home Science Effects of Dietary Supplementation on Anthropometric and Biochemical components in Pulmonary Tuberculosis Patients Dr. Nanda Gurwara Ongoing UGC
13 Home Science Dietary Behaviour and Nutritional Status of Mentally Retarded children. Dr. Aruna Palta Ongoing UGC