Department of English


The English Honours course exposes the students to a wide range of literary texts drawn from a vast expanse of time and space: beginning with acquiring a strong foundation in classical Indian and European (Greek and Roman) literature, students go on to make an intensive in-depth study of Renaissance, Enlightenment, Romantic, Victorian, and Modern literature. The course is not just confined to literature written in English but also includes an array of texts available in English translation including texts originally written in Greek and Sanskrit to those written in modern European and Indian languages. The study of genres, literary movements, and historical turning points forms an integral part of the course. Students learn the importance of studying texts from a wide range of cultural and multidisciplinary perspectives.

Faculty Members

S.N. Name Designation Profile
1 Dr. Jyoti Mishra Astt. Professor view
2 Ms. Madhu Kher Astt. Professor view